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Online Twinmotion Course | Complete Beginner Training

A course by Adam Morgan, Architectural Director at Studio RBA.

This is a beginners course to get you up and running with Epic Games’ amazing real-time rendering engine Twinmotion. The lessons are easy to follow and will give you a strong foundation for creating amazing still renderings, animated videos and immersive walkthroughs.

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Approx. 3.5 hrs


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About this course

Unleash the Power of Twinmotion: Master Breathtaking Architectural Visualizations with ArchAdemia.

Ever envisioned yourself crafting stunning architectural presentations that leave clients speechless? Then dive headfirst into the world of Twinmotion with ArchAdemia’s comprehensive online course, designed specifically for aspiring architects and designers like you!

No More Frustrating Online Tutorials: Forget generic videos that leave you lost and uninspired. Our meticulously crafted Twinmotion course is your one-stop shop for mastering this industry-leading architectural visualization software. With engaging, step-by-step lessons, led by experienced professionals, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to transform your architectural dreams into captivating realities.

Master the Fundamentals: Our course starts with a solid foundation. Learn the ins and outs of the user interface, import 3D models with ease, and explore the vast library of materials and lighting options. You’ll be crafting realistic textures and setting the perfect mood for your scenes in no time.

Bring Your Designs to Life: Move beyond basic objects and delve into Twinmotion’s extensive asset library. Learn to populate your scenes with professional-looking furniture, vegetation, and even people. Explore the powerful scattering tools to add realistic crowds and detail, creating truly immersive experiences.

Render Like a Pro: Understanding rendering is crucial for creating stunning visualizations. Our course equips you with the knowledge to utilize both Lumen and Path Tracer engines effectively. Learn to export high-quality still images, captivating videos, and even 360° panoramas that showcase your designs in the best light possible.

Become Part of a Thriving Community: Learning shouldn’t be a solitary journey. ArchAdemia offers an exclusive online forum where you can connect with fellow aspiring architects, share experiences, and learn from each other. Plus, our dedicated mentoring program pairs you with experienced professionals who can offer invaluable guidance and support as you hone your skills.

Don’t wait to take your architectural visualizations to the next level! ArchAdemia’s Twinmotion course is the perfect place to start. Enroll today and unlock the potential to create breathtaking visuals that will leave a lasting impression.

Stop searching for “Twinmotion course near me” or “Best Twinmotion course.” We have the solution you’ve been waiting for! Sign up for ArchAdemia’s Twinmotion training and get on the path to mastering this powerful software. With our comprehensive course and supportive community, you’ll be well on your way to earning your Twinmotion course certificate and showcasing your architectural prowess with confidence.

Download twinmotion here: https://www.twinmotion.com/en-US

Skills you'll gain

Why ArchAdemia?


Lesson 1 – Introduction (11:24). We ease you into the course with a comprehensive introduction to the project we’ll be using, what’s in store, Twinmotion’s user interface and a quick import of the 3d model to get us moving.

Lesson 2 – Materials (31:39). The best place to start in our opinion. Get your textures right and everything follows. You’ll learn all there is about Twinmotion’s basic material library, it’s advanced library within the megascans area and how to make custom materials for any project.

Lesson 3 – Lighting (19:46). As we move through the fundamentals, the next stop is lighting. Here, you’ll learn 3 key aspects of lighting, artificial lighting using Twinmotion’s library of lights and IES models. Then, we move into environment lighting using time of day and HDRI skies to suit any scene and render mode.

Lesson 4 – Objects (16:54). To round off the fundamentals of the course we cover objects. Twinmotion has a massive asset library, and you’ll learn all you need to populate your scenes in a professional way. You’ll learn about furniture, vegetation, light fittings, people, vehicles and more to breathe life into your scenes.

Lesson 5 – Scattering Tools & Render Options (24:16). At the midway point we cover off two huge topics – scattering and rendering. Starting with the populate tab of Twinmotion we’ll show you how to quickly populate larger scenes with the path, brush and fill tools to add masses of people, vegetation and vehicles to a scene of any size. Then we talk you through the two primary rendering engines within Twinmotion – Lumen and Path Tracer.

Lesson 6 – Media (6:43). Now that you’ve got an understanding of all the tools, you need to know how to export your wonderful projects in various ways. In this course we cover still images, videos and panorama sets. We render the still images using Path Tracer, videos & pano sets using Lumen, but for now you’ll simply learn what each media tab is for and how to get the most from them, whilst learning ideal export options.

Lesson 7 – Developing the Scene – Part 1 (54:10). This course wouldn’t be complete with a couple of detailed lessons on how to develop your scenes for photo-realistic results. So, we take a step back from the library and tools on offer and offer a detailed look at how to develop your overall scene revisiting everything including the 3d model, materials and lighting.

Lesson 8 – Developing the Scene – Part 2 (30:52). Before rendering the project out, we finalise the scene with some additional objects, decals, fine details and pro tips to maximise the scene’s realism.

Lesson 9 – Rendering Stills & Videos (21:25). In the penultimate lesson you’ll learn how to export stunning visuals and videos, which finds the perfect balance between time & quality to suit any project.

Lesson 10 – Creating Virtual Tours (14:36). And to bring the course to a close we show you how to export a panorama set to the Twinmotion Cloud to create immersive 360 walkthroughs, an absolutely amazing tool for your next project. You’ll be blowing your viewers away in no time!

The project you'll be working on.

Koshino House by Tadao Ando.

Tadao Ando’s design for the Koshino House features two parallel concrete rectangular confines. The forms are partially buried into the sloping ground of a national park and become a compositional addition to the landscape. Placed carefully as to not disrupt the pre-existing trees on the site, the structure responds to the adjacent ecosystem while the concrete forms address a more general nature through a playful manipulation of light. More about the Koshino House after the break.

Narrow apertures have been punched through the façades adjacent to the exterior staircase and manipulate complex crossings of natural light and shadow into the interior spaces. The patterns provide the only amount of ornament to the simple rooms. Other slots are cut from various planes of the two modules to produce the same effect of complexity throughout the entire house.

Meet your tutor - Adam Morgan | Architectural Director | Studio RBA

Hi, I’m Adam. I am the founder and director of Studio RBA, a team of 8 architects and CGI artists in the city centre of Liverpool, UK. The office is experienced in a wide range of building types and procurement routes, successfully winning projects with contract values of up to £80 million. We work for a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients across the country. I have always had a passion for teaching aspiring and young architects. I offer support to emerging young architects through the RIBA mentoring programme and am also a visiting architectural critic and tutor for Liverpool John Moores University.

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We’re the only architectural educator that teaches all aspects of what an architect goes through each day, through architecture courses, one-off lessons, podcasts and mentoring. We have to know and deal with a lot; concept design, technical design, graphics, construction, dealing with clients & consultants etc. Our platform gives insight into all of these areas and more through a range of mediums such as; online classes, one-to-one coaching, podcasts and downloadable resources.

We have two forms of membership, monthly and annual. Both can be cancelled at any time with no contractual obligations. Both include all course content that exists today and any future instalments, access to our community forum and monthly bonuses. Annual members benefit from two extra perks; the ability to contact us directly anytime to help with day to day issues, often resulting in a video call support session, and free access to all downloadable resources (currently worth £300 total).

Monthly memberships are £15 per month and our annual membership is £79 paid per year. Head over to our pricing page to find out exactly what’s included with each. FYI – both memberships auto-renew.

Our teaching style is relaxed and specific to the needs of an architect or similar construction industry designer. All of our premium courses are centred around an iconic piece of architecture, which provides a dual benefit of learning the software and diving deeper into exceptional pieces of design.
You can watch your lessons on a desktop, maybe with a split screen or you can consume our content via mobile utilising two options. The first option is simply viewing our mobile optimised website, where the second is to download the Kajabi app and use the credentials you made with us to login and view your lessons anytime and anywhere!
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