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Online Lumion Course | Lumion Raytracing and Advanced Techniques

A course by Adam Morgan, Architectural Director at Studio RBA.
To build on our Complete Guide to Lumion, we’ve dedicated a course to mastering the new raytracing technology within Lumion. You’ll learn how to combine this with industry standard, advanced rendering techniques to produce photo-realistic renderings of your projects. And as with most of our courses, you’ll also study a piece of iconic architecture, The Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St Louis by Tadao Ando.

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About this course

In the realm of architectural visualization, Lumion has emerged as a tour-de-force, revolutionizing the way architects and designers visualize their creations. And now, with the advent of raytracing technology within Lumion, the boundaries of realism have been pushed even further. ArchAdemia is excited to present a course meticulously crafted to help you harness the potential of this breakthrough in rendering technology.

Dive deep into the heart of Lumion’s new raytracing feature and understand its transformative impact on architectural rendering. This isn’t just any “online Lumion course”; it’s an immersive journey into mastering advanced techniques to achieve photo-realism that echoes life itself.

Whether you’ve been scouting for the “best Lumion course” or just an introductory “Lumion course near me,” ArchAdemia’s training program is designed to cater to a broad spectrum of learners. Our curriculum is as rigorous as it is enlightening, ensuring you grasp both the conceptual foundations and the practical intricacies of Lumion.

Our dedication to offering unparalleled value extends beyond just structured learning. Delve into ArchAdemia’s YouTube channel to explore free Lumion content, an array of snippets and insights to whet your appetite for the comprehensive knowledge that our main course promises.

What sets our “Lumion training videos” apart is the hands-on approach we adopt. As a part of this course, learners get the unique opportunity to study an iconic piece of architecture—The Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St Louis by the legendary Tadao Ando. It’s an experiential exploration, offering both inspiration and a practical framework to apply your newfound knowledge.

Successfully navigating through our Lumion training course culminates in the award of a Lumion course certificate—a testament to your proficiency and a significant addition to your professional credentials.

Join ArchAdemia in unlocking the full spectrum of Lumion’s capabilities. From basic to advanced, from theoretical to practical, we’re here to guide you through every step. Elevate your rendering skills and let your architectural creations shine in their truest light. Enroll now and step into the future of architectural visualization with confidence.

To access Lumion to get started with our architecture tutorials please use the following link;

Skills you'll gain

Why ArchAdemia?


Lesson 1 – Introduction & Setup (17:27). We ease you into the course by introducing what you’re going to learn, the subject building The Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St Louis by Tadao Ando and making a start on the Lumion scene itself.

Lesson 2 – Render Effects & Self Critique (46:36). In this lesson you’ll learn all about the rendering effects within Lumion to reach a superior level of realism in your CGIs. On top of this, we explain the art of self-critique to consistently analyse your own work to keep improving the quality of your output throughout the duration of a design and archviz project.

Lesson 3 – Refining the 3D Model (10:14). An often-overlooked aspect of achieving realism in your render scenes is a ruthless approach to your modelling. We guide you through a process of making sure every single detail is captured to achieve photo-realism in your Lumion renders.

Lesson 4 – Bespoke Materials & Textures (50:12). Using our favourite texture website, poliigon.com, we adopt a rigorous approach to replacing all standard materials within Lumion and changing them with 4K resolution replacements. When you’re done with this lesson the scene looks realistic even within the Lumion 2023 editor window!

Lesson 5 – Final Lighting Setup (41:12). A critical aspect of achieving hyper realism in your scenes is getting the lighting spot on. First we refine and perfect the environment lighting using both the Lumion sun & real skies, moving into a photography technique of adding fill lights behind the camera and within hidden parts of the model to showcase every detail of each render.

Lesson 6 – High Quality Assets (11:00). For any close up shot you need the absolute best in high polygon assets. Thankfully, Lumion can import FBX files, meaning we can import almost any type of geometry as most 3D modelling programmes can export to FBX. In this lesson we download a model from 3D Sky and edit/export using Autodesk 3D Studio Max, to bring in an incredibly detailed Barcelona Chair to our scene.

Lesson 7 – Cameras & Vignettes (6:44). As designers we often want to capture as much as possible with our camera selection, but some of the most powerful images we can create are called ‘vignettes’. These are close up shots of a scene that leave the viewer curious as to what else is beyond and behind the camera. When using depth of field with these shots you also create an exceptional level of realism, all captured within this lesson.

Lesson 8 – Final Tweaks & Post-Production (40:51). We round the course off by making some final refinements to the model, textures and render settings before hitting render with Lumion’s new Raytracing technology, at maximum quality! After the shots are rendered, we jump into Adobe Photoshop and using the Camera Raw Filter, plus cinematic presets to finish our renders off ready for issue.

The project you'll be working on.

Pulitzer Arts Foundation by Tadao Ando

It’s not just about the software, but also taking you on a journey through an iconic piece of architecture. That’s what makes ArchAdemia unique to other course providers.

“Pulitzer Arts Foundation—completed in 2001 after four years of construction—is the first free-standing, public project for which Ando was commissioned in the United States. Through carefully composed windows and a central water court, the building is suffused with natural light, inviting the outside world into dialogue with art and architecture. Artists Richard Serra and Ellsworth Kelly were commissioned by Emily Rauh Pulitzer to create permanent sculptures for the building, and according to Ando, their collaboration ‘provided a rare and stimulating opportunity to reconsider the architecture and to rethink what it means to create.’ “

Meet your tutor - Adam Morgan | Architectural Director | Studio RBA

Hi, I’m Adam. I am the founder and director of Studio RBA, a team of 8 architects and CGI artists in the city centre of Liverpool, UK. The office is experienced in a wide range of building types and procurement routes, successfully winning projects with contract values of up to £80 million. We work for a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients across the country. I have always had a passion for teaching aspiring and young architects. I offer support to emerging young architects through the RIBA mentoring programme and am also a visiting architectural critic and tutor for Liverpool John Moores University.

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Our teaching style is relaxed and specific to the needs of an architect or similar construction industry designer. All of our premium courses are centred around an iconic piece of architecture, which provides a dual benefit of learning the software and diving deeper into exceptional pieces of design.
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