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Alternative education for Architects & Students.

A place for creatives to elevate skills, industry knowledge, confidence, well-being & career success! Our platform is perfect for design students, qualified architects, interior designers and archviz artists of all skill levels. By RIBA Chartered Practice, Studio RBA.
“ArchAdemia is an invaluable resource, as the tutorials are not only clear, but linked to live projects or famous examples, making them much more engaging and interesting compared to others. The downloads have also been useful, helping me to create my own graphic standards & detailed drawings. ”
- Peter Blevins, Practice Owner




All you need in one place.

Don’t waste hours searching the internet for the right content and support. Here, you’ll receive all the training and mentoring required to become a top designer! Tap/hover on the images to find out more.

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Join ArchAdemia today and accelerate your architectural career with UNLIMITED access to architecture, interior design & CG courses, resources & support.

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Tailored Courses to Maximise Your Success.

We’ve curated a huge collection of courses & lessons specifically designed for Architects & Designers. Say goodbye to generic tools and irrelevant content! Our platform offers targeted learning that covers architectural design, project management, drawing techniques, visualisation and much more! Equip yourself with essential skills and stay ahead of the curve in your career.

Explore Iconic Architecture.

Dive into ArchAdemia’s immersive learning that combine architectural appreciation with practical skill development. Gain in-depth understanding of iconic structures like the Barcelona Pavilion through engaging 3D rendering and drawing courses. Discover the intricate details of every architectural move and elevate your expertise by learning from the masters of the field.

Boost Confidence with Exclusive Resources.

Experience the ArchAdemia advantage with our unparalleled collection of downloadable templates, drawings, and 3D models. Empower yourself to tackle any challenge in your career with confidence and ease. Our meticulously crafted tool-kits will streamline your work, reduce stress, and help you rediscover the joy of being a Designer!

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Study with us on the go.

Our training content is with Kajabi, to access everything on the go download the app. There, you can watch courses, save your progress and connect with fellow members. To login in, simply insert the credentials you created with us.


We’re the only architectural educator that teaches all aspects of what an architect goes through each day, through architecture courses, one-off lessons, podcasts and mentoring. We have to know and deal with a lot; concept design, technical design, graphics, construction, dealing with clients & consultants etc. Our platform gives insight into all of these areas and more through a range of mediums such as; online classes, one-to-one coaching, podcasts and downloadable resources.
We have two forms of membership, monthly and annual. Both can be cancelled at any time with no contractual obligations! Both include all course content that exists today and any future instalments, an exclusive podcast, access to our support community and all members have the ability to contact us directly anytime to help with day to day issues. Annual members have one extra perk, which is free access to all downloadable resources.
Monthly memberships are £9.99 per month and our annual membership is £59.99 paid per year. Head over to our pricing page to find out exactly what’s included with each.
Our teaching style is relaxed and specific to the needs of an architect or similar construction industry designer. All of our premium courses are centred around an iconic piece of architecture, which provides a dual benefit of learning the software and diving deeper into exceptional pieces of design.
You can watch your lessons on a desktop, maybe with a split screen or you can consume our content via mobile utilising two options. The first option is simply viewing our mobile optimised website, where the second is to download the Kajabi app and use the credentials you made with us to login and view your lessons anytime and anywhere!
Joining us is easy, simply scroll to the top of our home page and start by hitting the button in the top banner. We also have a handful of other buttons positioned around our site. Head over to the pricing page to find a detailed breakdown of what’s included.
Once you’ve created your account you’ll be taken to the members area. There, you have easy access to your account information, where you can cancel anytime.
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