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How to create bespoke textures in 
Lumion | PBR Workflow

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This video shows you how to create your own high end textures in Lumion to drastically boost the realism of your renders. Lumion is a high-quality realtime rendering software that allows you to test your designs in an instant! This video explains how to dramatically improve the realism of your renders by utilising bespoke, high resolution textures.

Learn to master everything about Lumion with our complete guide, click here to learn more.

Why Bespoke Textures are Essential in Architectural Visualisation

In the world of architectural visualisation, bespoke textures play a pivotal role in achieving a high level of detail and accuracy. By definition, bespoke textures are customised, one-of-a-kind texture maps that replicate the specific materials and finishes used in a real-world construction project. Their inclusion in architectural visualisations not only heightens realism but also enhances accuracy, both of which are highly valued by commercial and residential clients.

Realism and Accuracy through Bespoke Textures

High-quality bespoke textures are an essential tool for designers to represent the unique characteristics of materials with unparalleled detail. They replicate a material’s inherent properties – like the grain of wood, the shine of polished marble, the roughness of concrete, or the sheen of stainless steel – with exceptional accuracy. This detailed reproduction allows viewers to fully appreciate and understand the nuances of the proposed design.

In commercial projects, bespoke textures can translate the brand’s visual identity and values into architectural form, fostering a cohesive aesthetic experience. For residential clients, they can capture the essence of a home’s personalised atmosphere, ensuring that the client’s vision is accurately and vividly portrayed.

Enhancing Client Understanding with Custom Textures

Bespoke textures are not just about achieving a visually pleasing and realistic representation. They also aid significantly in bridging the communication gap between designers and clients. By utilising custom textures, designers can illustrate how different materials will interact with light, cast shadows, or show wear over time. This helps clients better understand the project and its design philosophy, making them active participants in the design process. They can foresee how the space will look and feel, reducing the element of surprise or dissatisfaction in the final outcome.

Leveraging Bespoke Textures with Real-Time Rendering Software

Advanced rendering software such as Lumion has revolutionised the way architects and designers present their projects, offering real-time rendering capabilities that leverage the power of bespoke textures.

Realism in Real-Time with Lumion

With Lumion, designers can apply bespoke textures to the 3D model, creating a detailed and realistic representation in a matter of minutes. The program offers a variety of tools and settings to fine-tune these textures, allowing designers to adjust elements such as gloss, reflectivity, and weathering. This provides greater control and flexibility, ensuring that each material is depicted as accurately as possible.

Another key benefit of Lumion is its real-time rendering capability. This feature means that any changes made to the design or its materials can be viewed instantly, eliminating the need for lengthy rendering processes. This rapid feedback loop allows designers to experiment with different textures and materials freely, refining their design until it perfectly matches their vision.

Lumion: An Interactive Platform for Designers and Clients

Moreover, Lumion’s interactive interface enables designers and clients to collaborate more efficiently. Clients can view their project from various angles, explore different lighting conditions, and even swap out materials on the fly, granting them a tangible sense of the space before it becomes reality. This level of interaction increases client engagement and satisfaction, as they are provided with a clearer understanding of their project and the materials chosen for it.

Lumion’s ability to utilise bespoke textures, combined with its real-time rendering capabilities, positions it as a highly effective tool for creating impressive, accurate, and interactive architectural visualisations.

In Conclusion

Incorporating bespoke textures into architectural visualisations is a key step in ensuring both realism and accuracy in the portrayal of commercial and residential projects. By harnessing the power of real-time rendering software like Lumion, designers can make their clients’ visions a reality more effectively and interactively. The end result is a more comprehensible, engaging, and accurate depiction of the proposed design, ultimately leading to greater client satisfaction.

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