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Online Enscape Course | Enscape to Vray Workflow

A course by Radu Fulgheci, Senior Architect at world-renowned practice BDP.

Have you ever wondered how to take your enscape visuals to the next level, without getting in the way of your fluid workflow during the design process? With Enscape now under the umbrella of Chaos Group, the creators of Vray and Corona Render, you can enjoy the best of both worlds of realtime rendering with Enscape and high-end visuals using Vray. This course explains all you need to know to get going with this powerful workflow.

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About this course

Within the architectural visualization landscape, the prowess of Enscape has long been acknowledged. But now, with its groundbreaking collaboration with V-Ray, we are introduced to a new horizon of possibilities. ArchAdemia proudly presents its online Enscape course, a deep dive into the nexus between Enscape’s real-time rendering and V-Ray’s photorealism.

If you’ve been on the hunt for the “Best Enscape course” or even a convenient “Enscape course near me”, look no further. ArchAdemia’s curriculum is a unique blend of conceptual depth and hands-on practice. This isn’t merely an introduction—it’s a mastery-driven approach designed to guide you through the combined might of Enscape and V-Ray.

Your journey doesn’t stop at structured lessons. Peruse ArchAdemia’s offerings to discover “Free Enscape course” content—a gateway to snippets and insights to prime you for the comprehensive knowledge our main course bestows.

What sets our program apart is the integration of “V-Ray training videos”, an element that brings V-Ray’s complexities to life. Dive deep into the practicalities, shifting from Enscape’s immediacy to V-Ray’s meticulous detail. Experience firsthand the power of ‘the bridge’ as you transition projects from one platform to the other with ease.

Embarking on this “V-Ray training course” isn’t just about learning—it’s about mastering. It’s about understanding how real-time designs from Enscape can transition into V-Ray, ready for those high-fidelity finishes that breathe life into architectural visualizations.

Upon successful completion, learners are awarded the “Enscape course certificate”. This isn’t just a piece of paper; it’s a testament to your expertise, an emblem of your commitment to staying at the forefront of architectural visualization.

Whether you’re new to “Enscape Training” or a seasoned V-Ray professional looking to adapt to this unified workflow, ArchAdemia ensures a learning experience that’s both enriching and transformative. Enroll now to bridge the gap between real-time visualization and high-end rendering, and let your designs shine like never before.

To follow along with the course, be sure to download the two pieces of software using the below links;

Skills you'll gain

Why ArchAdemia?


We open the course with an explanation of the importance of using both Enscape & Vray in your design and rendering workflow. You’ll also be given a short summary of what each lesson will entail and how to get the most from this course.
In this lesson we deep-dive into using Enscape to create fantastic exterior visualisations and all of the applicable tools to create the foundations for a fluid real-time rendering project to adapt quickly to change, easily create animations and how to optimise the scene for use with Vray.
Similar to the previous lesson, this one is a detailed breakdown of how to use Enscape for interiors with an eye on soon moving into Vray in a seamless way, making the best of both worlds.
Now, we move into Vray and explain how to take your Enscape scene to the next level, without being destructive and losing the ability to jump back into Enscape if you want to make any changes. We discuss how to quickly use Vray out of the box with an existing Enscape scene, and show you how to deploy Vray assets and other tools to elevate the whole project further.
We finish the course by showing how to create animations within Enscape, final Vray render settings and go onto compare the exterior & interior scenes, rendered within Enscape first, then Vray, to demonstrate the difference between the two programmes.

The project you'll be working on.

Wicks Lane by Studio RBA

It’s not just about the software, but also taking you on a journey through a real-world piece of architecture. That’s what makes ArchAdemia unique to other course providers.

This project is another one by the creators of ArchAdemia, Studio RBA. A high-end private residence in Formby, Merseyside, with the first steps being demolition of an existing bungalow on site. We’re then proposing a 2.5 storey new build dwelling with 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large living areas, home office & gym and much more! We’ve used this project to show a design process in the real world can benefit from combining a realtime rendering programme like Enscape with Vray to keep up with the pace of design changes, using Enscape and providing finished visuals using Vray.

Meet your tutor - Radu Fulgheci | Architect | BDP

Hi, I’m Radu. I’m an architect with over ten years of experience using many architectural design and modelling applications, for both professional and academic purposes. Working on challenging, high-profile projects, and international competitions, I’ve continually sought ways to optimise my workflow, from single to multiple applications, in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time. I believe in constant learning, so regardless of what knowledge level you may be, there is always something new that can help you improve. I want to teach you how to do the same.

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Our teaching style is relaxed and specific to the needs of an architect or similar construction industry designer. All of our premium courses are centred around an iconic piece of architecture, which provides a dual benefit of learning the software and diving deeper into exceptional pieces of design.
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