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Maya Training Course | Autodesk Maya for Architecture

A course by Nicolas Turchi | Professor in Advanced Digital Design.
In the Autodesk Maya for Architecture course, we will dive into the world of architectural design and visualization using the powerful tools of Autodesk Maya. In this comprehensive 10-video series, you will learn how to harness Maya’s capabilities to create stunning architectural models, realistic visualizations, and even animate your designs. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced architect looking to enhance your skills, this course has something for everyone.

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About this course

Unlock the doors to innovative architectural visualization with our “Autodesk Maya Training Course,” a meticulous journey designed for both beginners and seasoned architects. Navigating through the multifaceted realm of architectural design becomes an immersive experience with Autodesk Maya, and this course is your gateway to mastering its abundant tools and features. Enter a world where your architectural visions are not bound by limitations, as our “Online Autodesk Maya course” equips you with the adept skills to craft, visualize, and animate your architectural designs with finesse. If you’ve been on the hunt for the “Best Autodesk Maya course” or exploring options for an “Autodesk Maya course near me,” your search culminates here.

Through a rich tapestry of 10 detailed videos, delve into the myriad ways Maya can elevate your architectural designs and visualizations. As a participant, you’ll embark on a learning adventure, absorbing the subtle art and complex science behind creating spellbinding architectural models and visualizations in Maya.

This course isn’t merely a set of tutorials; it’s a well-rounded educational experience designed to finesse your skills from every angle. From realistic visualizations to animating your designs, every nuance of architectural visualization using Maya is explored, ensuring that your learnings are both deep and wide-ranging.

Discover, adapt, and implement the powerful tools of Autodesk Maya into your design process, enriching your projects with a level of realism and detail that speaks volumes of professional expertise. Your journey will be peppered with insights, tips, and hands-on projects that not only build your skills but also your portfolio.

In a realm where continuous learning equates to growth, our “Autodesk Maya training videos” weave a narrative that makes learning an engaging experience. Even if you’re unable to physically attend courses, our “Autodesk Maya training course” ensures that high-quality, in-depth learning is not just reserved for the classroom. And to ensure accessibility for all architects & designers, a spectrum of “Free Autodesk Maya course” content is available to introduce you to the basics before you deep dive into the comprehensive curriculum.

As you traverse through the curated learnings, you’ll find that every module is a step towards enhancing your skillset and amplifying your ability to communicate designs with impactful visual narratives. On successful completion, you’ll be awarded an “Autodesk Maya course with certificate” – a testament to your enhanced capabilities and an invaluable addition to your professional journey.

Step into the architectural majesties of The Arena Tower by SOM and the Beijing National Hotel by Tom Wiscombe, as this Autodesk Maya training course grants you an intimate perspective into these iconic structures. Experience a unique blend of theoretical and practical learning as you explore these masterpieces, understanding the intricate design philosophies and the complex structural elements that bring these colossal creations to life. Analysing these marvels, students are afforded a rare insight into the intersection of innovative architectural thinking and advanced technology application.

Your journey through these architectural wonders isn’t merely observational; it’s deeply interactive, inviting you to dissect, understand, and draw inspiration from creations that have reshaped skylines and redefined architectural paradigms. Navigate through the impressive facades and internal complexities of these structures, and allow your newfound Maya skills to unravel, reimagine, and perhaps even reinvent these architectural feats in your own design endeavours.

Enrich your architectural prowess with a toolset that promises no less than brilliance and precision. Engage with our Autodesk Maya for Architecture course, refine your skills, and construct a future where your designs speak louder than words. Enroll now and embark on a journey where your architectural visualizations mirror the profundity and excellence of your designs.

Skills you'll gain

Why ArchAdemia?


Lesson 1 – Introduction to Maya and Interface Overview (39:12). We explore Autodesk Maya’s crucial role in architectural design through real-life case studies and insights into its smooth integration into workflows. This journey includes a detailed guide through Maya’s interface and vital tools, and tips on customizing your workspace to efficiently meet the demands of architectural tasks from the start.

Lesson 2 – Navigating & Basic Manipulation (38:41). We explore fundamental 3D modelling skills, starting with mastering 3D viewport navigation—learning to pan, zoom, and rotate to optimize project views. You’ll also be introduced to key selection and transformation tools for precise object manipulation and gain clarity on the distinction between Object Mode and Component Mode in Polygonal Modelling. This knowledge serves as your base for sculpting and refining structures within Maya, laying a foundation for detailed architectural modelling in subsequent sessions.

Lesson 3 – Poly Modelling Foundations (46:44). We begin by crafting basic architectural elements using primitive shapes, leading into an in-depth look at polygonal modelling techniques for architectural design. We’ll explore mesh modelling, Smoot Mesh Preview, and Smoothing Algorithms to achieve polished model surfaces. The concept of using modifiers for parametric architectural features will be introduced, adding flexibility and accuracy to your designs. By the end of this section, you’ll have a solid foundation in Maya’s architectural modelling techniques, ready to realize your architectural designs in 3D.

Lesson 4 – Advanced Modelling Techniques (39:39). We dive into advanced architectural forms using lofting and extrusion techniques and explore boolean operations to integrate detailed elements into your models. Outliner and Layer Management will also be covered to help you organize projects and control architectural assets effectively. By the end of this section, you’ll have the expertise to handle advanced modelling challenges, adding depth and complexity to your architectural creations.

Lesson 5 – Case Study 1: Designing a Modern Tower [Baltimore Tower by SOM] (1:00:07). Starting with an in-depth analysis of Baltimore Tower’s design philosophy, we progress to block out and refine its structure, ensuring a robust foundation for your project. We’ll explore adding detailed architectural elements, utilizing duplicate special techniques for efficient replication across the model, and harness deformers to add realism and align with the original vision of the tower. By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to undertake ambitious projects, creating realistic and impressive architectural designs within Autodesk Maya.

Lesson 6 – Case Study 1: Tower Visualisation with Arnold Render (24:52). We begin by setting up materials and textures with the Hypershade tool and introduce the Arnold rendering engine for realistic visuals. The journey continues with fine-tuning lighting, camera angles, and render settings, and exploring HDRI for enhanced render quality and immersive experiences. By the end, you’ll possess the skills to elevate your architectural projects, producing stunning, photorealistic visualizations that effectively showcase your design skills.

Lesson 7 – Case Study 2: Beijing National Hotel by Tom Wiscombe (43:00). In lesson 7, we start with careful planning and referencing of the building’s layout to understand its unique design features. During the modelling process, we focus on crafting the building’s exterior using Maya’s tools and introduce BlendShape for creating complex morphs and deformations. We also explore parametric panelization, enabling the creation and easy manipulation of intricate patterns and designs in your architectural model.

Lesson 8 – Quick Visualization Techniques (33:34). In this section, you’ll learn to enliven your model with detailed accuracy in architectural features and explore optimizing viewport settings for a quicker, efficient modelling process. We’ll apply basic lighting and shading for rapid previews, and utilize Arnold Physical Sun for enhancing realistic lighting in visualizations. By the end, you’ll be adept at creating visually striking, efficient architectural previews, showcasing designs like the Beijing National Hotel’s while optimizing your workflow.

Lesson 9 – Animation Essentials for Architecture (28:46). We cover keyframing camera movements and object animations, using the Graph Editor for precise control. You’ll also discover how to import animations, set up turntable animations, and utilize Playblast for swift design iteration. By the end of this video, you’ll have the skills to bring dynamic motion to your architectural projects.

Lesson 10 – Finalising Projects (11:52). In our final lesson, we explore the crucial aspects of wrapping up architectural projects. You’ll delve into the world of software interoperability, gaining insights into considerations when importing and exporting files between different applications. As we conclude, we’ll offer final considerations to ensure your projects are polished and ready for presentation or collaboration. This video will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to bring your architectural endeavours to a successful and satisfying conclusion.

The projects you'll be working on.

Arena Tower by SOM & Beijing National Hotel by Tom Wiscombe

It’s not just about the software, but also taking you on a journey through an iconic piece of architecture. That’s what makes ArchAdemia unique to other course providers.

“The building [Beijing National Hotel] is organized around three volumetric rings fused together by surfaces draped from the top and bottom. The rings create atriums which are enclosed by ETFE domes, housing a 10,000 m2 interior rainforest as well as the conference center and hotel amenities. Rooms, radiating out along each ring, are oriented both outwards and inwards, creating views out to the city as well as down into the rainforest.”

“The 45-story building [Arena Tower] comprises 366 residential units in a mix of layouts and configurations. All apartment floors feature expansive, cantilevered balconies that are elliptical in plan; the balconies’ axial rotation on the tower plan produces the building’s undulating form. Arena Tower also includes a streetfront cafe that opens toward the Millwall Inner Dock waterfront, as well as a triple-height penthouse restaurant whose outdoor terrace boasts panoramic views.”

Meet your tutor - Nicolas Turchi | Professor in Advanced Digital Design

Hi I'm Nicolas, a Lecturer in Advanced Digital Design at Manchester School of Architecture, an Adjunct Professor in Computational and Parametric Design at the University of Bologna, an associate at DesignMorphine and the founder of NT[A]R. I hold a Masters in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Architecture I from the University of Bologna. I've worked in several international practices including Zaha Hadid Architects, Peter Eisenman Architects, MCA Mario Cucinella Architects and Hernan Diaz Alonso Architects. Nicolas is particularly interested in emergent technologies and how they affect the theoretical aspect of the discipline.

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