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Skills Based Learning for Universities + Practices.

Level up your team / student cohort with best in class skills based teaching.

Skills Based Learning for Universities + Practices.

Level up your team / student cohort with best in class skills based teaching.

Trusted by leading practices & universities.

A Best-in-Class Learning Experience

Immersive lessons on a wide range of topics from software to managing a team.

Direct + Specific Teaching.

Our premium courses get straight to the point, specific to the skills needed to become a top designer from BIM to managing a team.

All Topics + Formats Covered.

Massive coverage of course content, resources and audio-based lessons. Optimised for desktop and mobile, with an ArchAdemia app.

Mapped Against RIBA Curriculum + Validation.

Our content has been carefully aligned with the RIBA curriculum for validation to help bolster your institutions offering for students.

Dedicated Community Spaces.

Give your studio an exclusive community forum to share learning outcomes, showcase results and build team morale.

An All-in-One Learning Solution for your Students / Workforce

Let us help you focus on what you do best.

Track the Progress of Your Studio

Easy to track stats & progression, guided by a dedicated account manager.

Easily Monitor Student Progress.

Gain access to tangible progress and skill-based outcomes of your students to map their personal development.

Elevate The Output of Your Institution.

With professional content around presentation, drawing, modelling, rendering and more, lift the level of your degree shows.

Reporting and Analytics.

Obtain rich insights into your employees’ development and plan their progression alongside existing and new projects.

Incentivise and Reward Your Team.

As your team members develop their skills, reward them accordingly, and inspire them to continually improve benefitting all involved.

“We have been really impressed with ArchAdemia. What makes this platform unique is the in-depth training videos designed for real life practice. We currently incorporate this platform for the training programme of our new colleagues which also removes the tedious process of assembling different training videos from different sources.”

Ufuk Bahar, Urbanist Architecture Managing Director

Key Benefits of ArchAdemia for Studios

1000s of lessons at your fingertips.

Our extensive class catalogue is made for around-the-clock learning to elevate your team’s skill set and inspire them to take on new challenges.

Equality, Diversity + Inclusion.

Create a culture where every individual grows in confidence, feels heard, welcome, and is empowered to achieve their full potential.

Get back hours of internal mentoring + training.

New starters can hit the ground running by utilising our massive resource library of design, CGI, CAD, BIM and administrative templates.


We’re the only architectural educator that teaches all aspects of what an architect goes through each day, through architecture courses, one-off lessons, podcasts and mentoring. We have to know and deal with a lot; concept design, technical design, graphics, construction, dealing with clients & consultants etc. Our platform gives insight into all of these areas and more through a range of mediums such as; online classes, one-to-one coaching, podcasts and downloadable resources.

All ArchAdemia for Studios memberships are on an annual contract. Prices are based on ‘per user, per year’, billed annually. Overall price is based on practice/cohort size, starting at teams of 10.

Studio memberships are designed specifically for organisations and provide more flexibility. You can add users to your account if your team grows and you can reassign seats if someone were to leave your team. Billing is streamlined, so you will pay for your plan in a single annual payment rather than multiple individual payments.

You cannot lower the number of seats purchased in the middle of a contract but seats can be reassigned to a new team member if needed. You can add seats at any time throughout your contract at a prorated cost.

If you’re a sole practitioner, you’ll get all you need from our individual membership at archademia.com. Our offer for studios is for medium-large size practices, starting at 10 members.

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