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Adobe Illustrator Course | Beginners Guide to Illustrator

A course by Mirza Kashif Baig, Expert Architectural Illustrator & Artist
Have you ever wanted to create stunning illustrations, but wondered where to start? Join us in learning the industry standard in vector artwork, Adobe Illustrator. We’ve created a detailed, 18 part course, for complete beginners looking to elevate their artistry for a range of applications from architectural diagrams to brand design.

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About this course

Welcome to our Online Adobe Illustrator Course! This course is designed with a beginner-friendly approach, ensuring that even if you have no prior knowledge or experience with Adobe Illustrator, you can still successfully learn and master the software.

This comprehensive Adobe Illustrator training course consists of 18 carefully structured lessons that guide you through both the essentials and more advanced features of Adobe Illustrator. By following the sequence of the Adobe Illustrator training videos, you will gain the necessary expertise to work with the software effectively. Each chapter is organized to facilitate easy navigation and help you retain the content more efficiently.

We start with an introduction to Adobe Illustrator, covering the initial setup and familiarizing you with the interface and basic tools. You’ll learn to use rulers, grids, and guides for precise alignment, and customize your workspace for better efficiency. The course then progresses to creating and managing multiple artboards, organizing artwork with layers, and mastering selection tools for manipulating objects.

You’ll explore transforming objects using rotate, scale, and mirror tools before moving on to creating and manipulating basic geometric shapes. Advanced drawing techniques with the Pen, Pencil, and Curvature tools are covered next. You’ll learn to copy, group, and arrange objects to streamline your design process and refine shapes using the Eraser, Scissors, and Knife tools.

The course teaches you to combine shapes and align objects with the Shape Builder, Pathfinder, and Alignment tools. Understanding color theory, applying colors, and creating gradients will enhance the vibrancy of your designs. You’ll also master adding and manipulating text with the Type tool.

Practical application of your skills is ensured with drawing exercises, allowing you to practice and refine your techniques in real-world scenarios. The course concludes with exporting your work in various formats suitable for different uses.

Don’t waste your time on a free Adobe Illustrator course; invest in your skills with this premium lesson series. This is the best Adobe Illustrator course available, offering comprehensive training and valuable credentials. Upon completing this Adobe Illustrator training course, you will receive an Adobe Illustrator course certificate, recognizing your proficiency in using the software. Join us and start your journey to becoming an Adobe Illustrator expert today!

Skills you'll gain

Why ArchAdemia?


Lesson 1 – Introduction & Setup (13:51). Kickstart your journey by setting up your Adobe Illustrator workspace. Dive into the basics with the primary and secondary tools panels, and master the essential fill & strokes. Learn the art of zooming and panning, ensuring you have complete control over your canvas.

Lesson 2 – Rulers, Grids & Guides (11:16). Unlock the power of precision with rulers, grids, and guides. Discover how to create and customize grids, and use smart guides to align your objects perfectly, making your designs look professional and polished.

Lesson 3 – Your Workspace (8:48). Tailor your workspace to fit your creative needs. Learn to add and remove tools from your secondary tools panel and save your personalized layout, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips for a seamless workflow.

Lesson 4 – Artboards (11:29). Explore the versatility of artboards. Learn to create, delete, and rearrange artboards, adjust their properties, and select from document presets to efficiently manage multiple projects within a single file.

Lesson 5 – Layers (7:20). Organize your artwork with the layers panel. Master the techniques of toggling visibility, locking layers, and arranging objects. Understand how layer colours help you identify and manage different elements effortlessly​.

Lesson 6 – Selection Tools (6:48). Gain mastery over object manipulation with the selection and direct selection tools. Learn to move, scale, and rotate objects, and fine-tune shapes by adjusting anchor points with precision.

Lesson 7 – Rotate, Scale & Mirror Tools (8:50). Add dynamic transformations to your designs. Rotate objects to any angle, scale them proportionately or non-proportionately, and create mirrored reflections for symmetrical designs.

Lesson 8 – Creating Shapes (7:25). Create a variety of shapes using the rectangle, ellipse, rounded rectangle, and polygon tools. Learn to input specific dimensions for precise shapes, giving you the foundation to build complex designs.

Lesson 9 – Pen, Pencil & Curvature Tools (14:18). Unleash your creativity with the Pen, Pencil, and Curvature tools. Create intricate shapes, add and delete anchor points, and smooth out lines to produce polished, professional vector artwork.

Lesson 10 – Copy, Group & Arrange (10:18). Streamline your design process with effective object management techniques. Copy, paste, group, ungroup, and arrange objects with ease. Use the lasso tool for detailed editing within groups, keeping your workflow efficient and organized.

Lesson 11 – Eraser, Scissors & Knife Tools (6:05). Refine your designs with the Eraser, Scissors, and Knife tools. Learn to delete parts of objects, cut shapes into segments, and achieve the perfect look by fine-tuning your creations.

Lesson 12 – Shape Builder, Pathfinder & Alignment Tools (17:03). Combine and align shapes like a pro. Use the shape builder, pathfinder, and alignment tools to merge, cut, and distribute objects seamlessly, ensuring your designs are cohesive and well-balanced.

Lesson 13 – Colours & Gradients (17:14). Bring your designs to life with vibrant colours. Master the Eyedropper tool, manage swatches, and create stunning gradients. Learn to apply colour with precision, enhancing the visual appeal of your artwork.

Lesson 14 – Type Tool (11:28). Add compelling text to your designs. Explore the type tool to create text boxes and paragraphs, use the area type tool to fit text into shapes, and the type on a path tool to make text follow curves and lines.

Lesson 15 – Drawing Exercise 1 (17:00). Put your skills to the test with a live drawing exercise using the polygon tool. Create complex figures, manage layers, and apply colours, bringing your illustrations to life with step-by-step guidance​.

Lesson 16 – Drawing Exercise 2: Part 1 (23:08). Tackle a more advanced drawing project using various tools and properties. Start with detailed line art, setting the stage for a richly detailed illustration.

Lesson 17 – Drawing Exercise 2: Part 2 (1:01:40). Continue your advanced drawing project by adding colours, creating clip masks, and applying shadow effects. Finish your illustration with professional touches that make it stand out.

Lesson 18 – Exports (21:50). Learn to export your artwork in various formats like JPEG, PNG, PDF, EPS, AI, and SVG. Ensure your designs are ready for any application, from web use to high-quality prints, and even compatibility with Photoshop​.

Why learn Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a crucial tool for architects and artists due to its precision and versatility in creating detailed, scalable vector graphics. For architects, Illustrator enables the creation of clear, precise diagrams, floor plans, and architectural illustrations that can be scaled without loss of quality, ensuring clarity in presentations and construction documents. Artists benefit from its robust drawing and coloring tools, allowing for the creation of intricate and vibrant illustrations, logos, and digital art. Its integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications enhances workflows, making it an indispensable asset for producing professional, high-quality designs and visualizations.

Meet your tutor - Mirza Kashif Baig | Expert Illustrator & Artist

Hi, I’m Mirza. I am a freelance artist and Adobe Illustrator expert based in India. I specialize in a wide range of design projects, from branding and illustration to web graphics, using Adobe Illustrator as my primary tool. My work spans various industries, creating high-quality, scalable vector artwork for clients nationwide. My passion for design extends to teaching, and I actively mentor emerging graphic designers through industry programs. Additionally, I serve as a visiting lecturer and design critic, nurturing the next generation of creative professionals.

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