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Navisworks Online Course | Mastering Navisworks Manage

A course by Neelkumar Wala, BIM Specialist & Project Manager.
Mastering Navisworks Manage is a comprehensive 10-lesson course designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to proficiently utilise Navisworks Manage software for effective project coordination and collaboration in the AEC industry. From project setup to advanced clash detection and model review techniques, participants will gain hands-on experience and insights into maximizing the capabilities of Autodesk Navisworks.

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About this course

Struggling with clash detection headaches and managing complex BIM projects? ArchAdemia’s Mastering Navisworks Manage course is your key to transforming into a Navisworks power user. This comprehensive 10-lesson program offers hands-on training designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to streamline project coordination and collaboration within the AEC industry.

We’ll start by ensuring you’re comfortable with the Navisworks interface, navigating its layout with ease and mastering core functionalities. You’ll learn to seamlessly import various file formats (.nwd, .nwf, .nwc) and confidently combine models into a single, unified project for efficient coordination.

Delving deeper, you’ll become a model review pro, developing expertise in manipulating views, creating walkthroughs, and managing viewpoints for effortless model inspection. But that’s not all! We’ll unlock the power of the Clash Detective tool, empowering you to identify and resolve conflicts before construction begins – eliminating costly clashes and ensuring smoother project execution.

Mastering Navisworks Manage goes beyond just collision detection. We’ll show you how to leverage its quantification tools to generate accurate quantity takeoffs, providing precise data for project budgeting and resource planning. Furthermore, you’ll explore the Timeliner tool to create compelling 4D simulations, helping you visualize your project schedule and optimize construction workflows.

Effective communication and collaboration are paramount in the AEC industry. Our course equips you to leverage Navisworks for streamlined project coordination, including utilizing markups, comments, and streamlined model sharing with stakeholders.

As you progress, we’ll delve into advanced features like Animator and Scripter, enabling you to create custom animations and automate model interactions for enhanced presentations and simulations. Learn how to install and utilize valuable third-party add-ins and extensions to cater to specific project needs, further extending the functionality of Navisworks Manage.

Finally, we’ll guide you through integrating Navisworks into your overall BIM workflows, mastering best practices to maximize efficiency and project success. Don’t miss this opportunity to become a Navisworks Manage expert! Join ArchAdemia today and gain access to this course, along with our entire library of BIM and AEC learning resources. Upgrade your skills and take your BIM coordination to the next level – enroll now!

Skills you'll gain

Why ArchAdemia?


Lesson 1- Introduction to Navisworks (9:38). In this lesson, we introduce Navisworks, a powerful tool for project coordination and model review in BIM workflows. We cover the basic interface, navigation tools, and essential functionalities that helps users get started with the software. This foundation prepares you for more advanced features and applications in subsequent lessons.

Lesson 2 – Model Import and Integration (22:18). We explore the different file types compatible with Navisworks, such as .nwd, .nwf, and .nwc. This lesson also includes steps to import, export, and combine multiple models into a single Navisworks project. Understanding these file management techniques is crucial for effective model coordination.

Lesson 3 – Model review and Visualisation (23:37). This lesson focuses on mastering navigation and viewpoint controls in Navisworks. We learn how to manipulate views using various tools like walkthrough, fly, and orbit, and how to save and manage viewpoints for quick access. These skills are essential for efficient model inspection and review.

Lesson 4 – Clash Detection and Resolution (27:17). We delve into the Clash Detective tool, which is vital for identifying and managing clashes in complex models. This lesson covers setting up clash tests, running clash detection, and analysing results. Proper use of this tool helps prevent costly errors and ensures smoother project execution.

Lesson 5 – Quantification and Takeoff (8:51). This lesson covers generating quantity takeoffs from models using Navisworks’ quantification tools. We learn how to set up projects, perform takeoffs for various elements, and export data for further analysis. Accurate quantification is critical for project budgeting and resource planning.

Lesson 6 – Timeliner and 4D Simulation (23:36). We explore the Timeliner tool for creating 4D simulations by integrating project schedules with 3D models. This lesson includes setting up tasks, configuring data sources, and running simulations to visualize construction sequences. This helps in planning and optimizing construction workflows.

Lesson 7 – Collaboration and Coordination (27:56). This lesson emphasized the importance of collaboration in BIM workflows. We discuss how to use Navisworks for project coordination, incorporating markups and comments, and sharing models with stakeholders. Effective communication and collaboration enhance project outcomes and reduce errors.

Lesson 8 – Advanced Navisworks Features (18:11). We explore advanced features like Animator and Scripter to create custom animations and automate model interactions. The lesson also covers customizing settings and optimizing performance to enhance workflow efficiency. These tools add significant value to project presentations and simulations.

Lesson 9 – Navisworks Add-ins and Extensions (14:11). This lesson introduced various add-ins and extensions that enhances Navisworks functionality. We discuss how to install and use third-party tools tailored for specific tasks and explored industry-specific add-ins. These extensions help customize Navisworks to meet specialized project needs.

Lesson 10 – Project Workflow Integration (19:05). In the final lesson, we discuss integrating Navisworks into overall project workflows. We cover best practices for incorporating Navisworks into BIM workflows. Additionally, we explored the rendering capabilities in Navisworks, demonstrating how to create high-quality visualizations for presentations and stakeholder engagement. This lesson highlights the importance of Navisworks in ensuring project efficiency and success by providing a comprehensive toolset for design, coordination, and visualisation.

Why learn Autodesk Navisworks?

In today’s BIM-driven architectural projects, Navisworks Manage acts as a crucial collaboration hub. By bringing together models from various disciplines (architectural, structural, MEP), it creates a single, unified environment for clash detection and coordination. This allows architects to identify and resolve conflicts between building elements before construction begins, preventing costly rework and delays. Furthermore, Navisworks facilitates communication and collaboration by enabling streamlined model review, markups, and viewpoint sharing among all project stakeholders. This ensures everyone is working with the latest information and potential issues are addressed proactively, leading to a more efficient and successful architectural project.

Meet your tutor - Neelkumar Wala | BIM Specialist & Project Manager

Hi, I’m Neelkumar Wala. I am a BIM Specialist and Project Manager. With extensive experience across various project types and procurement routes, I have successfully managed projects with substantial contract values. My work spans a broad spectrum of public and private sector clients nationwide. I have a deep passion for educating and mentoring the next generation of professionals in the architecture and construction industry. I offer guidance and support to aspiring BIM specialists and project managers through various mentoring programs and am also a visiting tutor and guest lecturer at several academic institutions.

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