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New course | Lumion Raytracing and 
Advanced Techniques

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To build on our Complete Guide to Lumion, we’ve dedicated a course to mastering the new raytracing technology within Lumion. You’ll learn how to combine this with industry standard, advanced rendering techniques to produce photo-realistic renderings of your projects. And as with most of our courses, you’ll also study a piece of iconic architecture, The Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St Louis by Tadao Ando.

Find out more about the course here.

Check out the trailer below.

The field of architectural visualization (ArchViz) has experienced remarkable progress over the last decade, largely due to advancements in rendering technology. A crucial element in this evolution has been the advent of real-time rendering, a technology that provides architects and ArchViz artists with a dynamic, immersive, and immediate view of their designs. Among the array of real-time rendering software available, Lumion stands as a leading choice for professionals worldwide. This article explores the importance of real-time rendering and the transformative role of Lumion in streamlining design processes.

The Importance of Real-Time Rendering

In architectural design, every detail matters. Visualizing those details effectively can be the difference between a successful project and one that falls short. Real-time rendering is a technology that provides instant feedback, allowing designers to view their models in an almost final state during the design process. This real-time interaction enables immediate decision-making, eliminating the lengthy wait times traditionally associated with rendering.

Real-time rendering significantly enhances the creative process, allowing artists to experiment freely with lighting, materials, and environmental effects. It encourages iterative design and fosters a more in-depth understanding of how various elements affect the overall design aesthetic. Furthermore, real-time rendering provides a valuable tool for client presentations, offering a visually impressive, interactive experience that static renderings can’t match.

Lumion – Leading the Charge in Real-Time Rendering

As a frontrunner in the realm of real-time rendering software, Lumion offers a suite of tools that empowers architects and ArchViz artists. Notable for its speed, quality, and ease-of-use, Lumion has revolutionized the way professionals approach design visualization.

With Lumion, designers can quickly import 3D models from various modelling tools and create high-quality renders in minutes. Lumion’s user-friendly interface and vast library of objects and materials empower users to create stunning, lifelike scenes. Moreover, the software’s advanced atmospheric and environmental effects bring a new level of realism to designs, delivering a sense of how projects will feel once constructed.

Learn more about Lumion here.

Streamlining the Design Process with Lumion

Lumion not only excels in the quality of its renders but also in how it streamlines the workflow of designers. With its real-time rendering capabilities, Lumion allows architects and ArchViz artists to see their design choices come to life immediately. This instant feedback loop saves considerable time, allowing for more focus on design optimization and client presentations.

Moreover, Lumion’s compatibility with popular 3D modeling software means that it can easily integrate into existing workflows. Designers can seamlessly transition from the conceptual phase in their favourite CAD software to the visualization stage in Lumion. The software’s extensive library of materials and objects also enables quick scene embellishment, meaning less time searching for external assets and more time spent perfecting the design.

Lumion 2023 has introduced a revolutionary raytracing system which drastically improves the level of realism of your images and animations. To find out more about the release of this rendering capability, watch the video by the guys themselves below.

Learning Lumion through ArchAdemia

To fully harness the power of Lumion and the benefits of real-time rendering, proper education is key. ArchAdemia offers two comprehensive courses that can guide both beginners and experienced professionals through Lumion’s interface and capabilities.

These courses, designed by experienced industry professionals, provide hands-on learning opportunities, allowing learners to understand Lumion’s workflow and tools while working on real-world projects. By mastering Lumion through ArchAdemia’s courses, architects and ArchViz artists can enhance their design process, increase their productivity, and deliver remarkable visual presentations.


As we advance further into the digital age, real-time rendering is set to become a standard component of the design and visualization process. It not only enriches the design experience but also presents architects and ArchViz artists with the opportunity to deliver more engaging, realistic, and persuasive presentations to their clients.

Lumion, with its powerful real-time rendering capabilities, expansive asset library, and user-friendly interface, is an essential tool for today’s design professionals. With its capacity to integrate seamlessly into existing workflows and its potential to save countless hours in the design process, Lumion is reshaping the architectural visualization landscape.

Through ArchAdemia’s Lumion courses, architects and ArchViz artists can gain the skills necessary to navigate this evolving field. By investing in this education, professionals will be better equipped to leverage Lumion’s powerful tools, streamline their design processes, and create stunning visualizations that bring their designs to life. In this way, Lumion not only revolutionizes the design process but also empowers designers to realize their creative visions like never before.

Our two Lumion courses can be found below;

  • The Complete Guide to Lumion
  • Lumion Raytracing & Advanced Rendering Techniques

To access our courses join as an ArchAdemia member.

Lumion FAQs.

Our complete guide to Lumion introduces people of any skill level & experience into the world of realtime rendering with one of the industry leaders in the field. In just 10 lessons you’ll know everything about Lumion, which takes on average 3-5hrs to follow.
Lumion is compatible with most modelling programmes, including SketchUp, yes. In addition to this you can export any 3D file as an FBX format, which can be used to import high quality 3d assets from website such as Poliigon.
This answer is a subjective one as the quality of a rendering is based on the quality of the artist. To level up your overall skill set we encourage to take up an ArchAdemia membership, regardless of software choice. However, you can achieve realistic results within Lumion, yes and it’s one of the easiest & quickest to use! So, it’s a strong choice for any designer and artist.
Lumion is a realtime rendering software, which means that you can make changes to your design and render scene in real time without constantly producing renders after each change. This means that Lumion is good for managing the design process with consultants and clients all whilst creating stunning images and animations.

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