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The BEST computer setup for Architects 
& CG Artists in 2023

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Two options for specifying your next computer

Both will comfortably handle all of the software we need as designers and CG artists. The first option is a little more pricey offering the best in performance, where the second option is kinder on the purse strings!

My recommended website is PC Specialist: https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/

High-spec computers offer architects and CG artists significant advantages

Primarily, these professionals work with complex software applications that demand powerful computing capabilities. High-speed processors ensure smooth, efficient running of such software, reducing lag time and increasing productivity.

High-end graphics cards enable the rendering of detailed 3D models and simulations without delay, providing real-time visual feedback. Large RAM capacity allows multiple applications to run concurrently without slowing down performance.

Furthermore, ample storage is critical for saving large design files, while a fast SSD can dramatically speed up data retrieval.

Consequently, high-spec computers facilitate a more fluid, dynamic, and efficient work process for architects and CG artists, optimizing creativity and precision.

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