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How to Create Architectural Illustrations 
in 30mins

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Have you ever seen those amazing hand drawings by Richard Rogers?

I share a technique in this video, to help you achieve this style of illustration with the aid of a few pieces of software.

Perfect for the start of a project, for those who lack in confidence in their hand drawing abilities and for a quick way to achieve an authentic drawn look to your presentations.

The benefits of hand drawing illustrations over CGIs

Hand-drawn architectural illustrations have several benefits over hyper-realistic computer-generated images (CGIs) during the early stages of a design project. Here are some advantages of hand-drawn illustrations:

Expressive and Artistic Interpretation

Hand-drawn illustrations allow architects to convey their design ideas with a unique artistic touch. The personal style and creativity of the architect can shine through, enabling them to communicate the design intent in a more expressive and emotive manner. Hand-drawn illustrations can capture the essence, atmosphere, and character of the design concept, helping clients and stakeholders connect with the vision on a deeper level.

Quick Iteration and Exploration

Hand-drawn sketches and illustrations are generally quicker to create compared to highly detailed CGIs. This speed enables architects to explore a variety of design options and iterate on ideas rapidly. It allows for a more fluid and dynamic design process, encouraging experimentation and flexibility during the early stages of a project. Hand-drawn illustrations provide a way to brainstorm and communicate ideas efficiently without the need for extensive digital modeling or rendering.

Focus on Conceptual Elements

In the early design phases, the focus is often on conveying the fundamental design concepts rather than intricate details. Hand-drawn illustrations can effectively capture and communicate these conceptual elements. By simplifying the representation of the design, architects can emphasize the key aspects such as spatial relationships, circulation patterns, massing, and overall design intent without getting bogged down in technical intricacies. This enables clients and stakeholders to understand and evaluate the design concept at a higher level.

Human Touch and Emotional Connection

Hand-drawn illustrations possess a certain charm and warmth that is often lacking in hyper-realistic CGIs. The imperfections, individuality, and human touch conveyed through hand-drawn artworks can create a sense of authenticity and emotional connection. This can foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the design, as well as build trust and engagement with clients and stakeholders.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Generating hyper-realistic CGIs at the early stages of a design project can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. On the other hand, hand-drawn illustrations are relatively quick and cost-effective to produce. They can be created using traditional tools like pencils, pens, or markers, which are readily available and require minimal setup. Hand-drawn illustrations allow architects to communicate design ideas effectively without investing excessive time and resources.

It’s worth noting that while hand-drawn illustrations have their benefits, hyper-realistic CGIs also offer advantages, particularly when it comes to providing detailed visualizations of the final design, facilitating accurate material representation, and generating photorealistic images for marketing and presentation purposes. Both hand-drawn illustrations and CGIs have their place in the design process, and architects often use a combination of both to communicate their ideas effectively throughout different stages of a project.

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