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How to create Presentation Boards 
using Adobe InDesign

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This video explains how to produce architectural presentation boards using Adobe InDesign. In all walks of life as an architect you have to present your ideas effectively.

Whether that’s to a tutor or client, your ability to present both visually and verbally can make or break a project. This lesson gives you some ideas on how to improve this skill set!

Courses by ArchAdemia to help you create perfect visuals and presentations

We have two courses you may be interested in.

  • Photoshop | The Complete Guide: This course is essential for any designer! It contains 15 in-depth Photoshop tutorials that will turn any level of user to an absolute master, understanding every necessary tool for architects and visualisers alike and how to get the most from them. We use Photoshop everyday for diagrams, reports, photo editing, drawings, CGIs and so much more! Learn Adobe Photoshop here.
  • InDesign | The Complete Guide: You’d be amazed how often we use InDesign in practice. Company portfolios, presentations, planning reports and specifications are but a few examples of why it’s needed so often. You’ll learn all you require to master an essential programme for architects, interior designers + CG artists. Learn Adobe InDesign here.


The importance of strong & clear architectural presentation boards in practice

Architectural presentation boards are powerful tools that convey design concepts, ideas, and visions visually. Whether you are a student presenting a project at university, a professional pitching to a client, or proposing a new project to a local planning authority, the importance of clear architectural presentation boards cannot be understated. In this article, we will explore how these boards play a pivotal role in effectively communicating architectural projects and why they are crucial in achieving success in various scenarios.

Enhancing Visual Communication

Clear architectural presentation boards are a gateway to effective visual communication. Through well-crafted images, diagrams, and renderings, complex ideas can be simplified and conveyed to the audience effortlessly. By presenting visual information, architects can better connect with their audience, ensuring their designs are understood and appreciated, regardless of technical background.

Telling a Compelling Story

A well-structured presentation board tells a captivating story about the design concept, inspiration, and thought process behind the project. It is essential to guide the viewers through a narrative that highlights the project’s objectives, context, and unique features. A story-driven approach helps create an emotional connection with the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Demonstrating Design Intent

Architectural presentation boards act as a window into the architect’s mind, revealing their design intent. Clear boards showcase the architect’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. This transparency builds trust with clients, university professors, and planning authorities, assuring them that the project is well thought out and addresses the intended purpose.

Professionalism and Credibility

For university students, professional presentation boards demonstrate a high level of commitment to their projects. This professionalism elevates the overall perception of the work and enhances the student’s credibility within the academic environment. Similarly, in the professional world, clear presentation boards elevate an architect’s reputation and instill confidence in clients and planning authorities.

Concise Information Delivery

An effective presentation board consolidates information into a visually digestible format. By presenting the essential elements of a project concisely, architects can prevent overwhelming their audience with unnecessary details. This approach ensures that the key aspects of the project remain the focus and prevents critical information from being lost in the clutter.

Addressing Different Audiences

One of the key challenges in architectural presentations is addressing diverse audiences with varying levels of expertise. Clear presentation boards cater to these differences by providing a balance between technical information and accessible visuals. Whether it’s a highly technical university panel or a community-oriented planning authority, well-crafted boards can bridge the gap and convey the project’s essence effectively.

Facilitating Feedback and Collaboration

In both educational and professional settings, clear architectural presentation boards facilitate constructive feedback and collaboration. They act as a starting point for discussions, allowing stakeholders to provide valuable input and engage in meaningful conversations. This iterative process enriches the project, ensuring it aligns with the expectations and requirements of all involved parties.

Compliance with Regulations and Guidelines

When proposing a new project to a local planning authority, adherence to regulations and guidelines is of utmost importance. Clear presentation boards can help demonstrate how the project complies with zoning laws, environmental considerations, and community needs. This visual representation aids planning authorities in assessing the project’s viability and making informed decisions.


Clear architectural presentation boards are indispensable tools in various settings, from university project presentations to professional client pitches and engagements with planning authorities. They serve as conduits of visual communication, helping architects convey their ideas effectively, while also fostering collaboration and facilitating constructive feedback. Emphasizing the importance of clear presentation boards is essential for every aspiring architect, as it can significantly impact the success and reception of their projects in academia and professional practice alike. By mastering the art of visual storytelling through presentation boards, architects can create a lasting impact on their audience and leave a positive impression of their designs.

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